Cat Lai - Vung Tau via River

Distance: 145 kms

From the first right hand turn you get the feeling Saigon is well behind you and it’s game on.

Though at this point still a view to D7 its a very different environment for the first timer out of the city. I remember it some 12 years ago fondly for that.

The first stretch of the river road is unsealed but generally pretty solid with plenty of pot holes but you’re out of the rat race and into the fun.

No problem for the XR’s and Adventure bikes but if on a road bike or scoot you might prefer the main road and rejoin this map later.

Always plenty to keep you interested. This isn’t a fast ride but one to relax and take it in along the way.

(A, B, C & D) All just way points on this one to keep you exploring off the main arterials. The coffee stop is a good one.

There is a short unavoidable stint on the QL51 before the left turn which gets you back on some quiet back roads.

(E) on the map is a winding bitumen road and a nice ride if time allows. Plenty of off tracks and temples to explore up there too.

Full route maps, accommodation and food information (excluded from the above itinerary) will come with all our touring rental bikes.

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