Cat Tien - Cat Lai Ferry

Distance: 160 kms

The first part of the run to the big smoke around the lake area is the best of it. The waterpark is worth a look and a quick dip. From there it’s back to reality the best way possible in the wet season. Works in the dry too but i have options for that.

(A & B) a lake dam wall. Nice and very different views on each side.

(C) a waterpark with falls. I’ve been in for a look but don’t use it. A swim stop or a great option travelling with kids. For the purpose of this a pin to keep you off the highway. 

We stick to back roads where possible, all sealed. You may question some of the route but it’s mapped to minimise police presence, trucks and buses. Three short stretches are unavoidable.

Plenty of off roads too if you have time and want to follow this loosely.

(D, E & F) are coffee stops again primarily pinned to keep the ride interesting and safe. (E) and particularly (F) the better ones.

(G) the ferry where the Rat Race awaits. If returning with a hire bike refueling on the way to the shop would be very much appreciated. Don’t worry about cleaning, we have that covered.

Full route maps, accommodation and food information (excluded from the above itinerary) will come with all our touring rental bikes.

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