YOHE 878 – Helmet Review

Considering this has been our biggest selling helmet so far this year I thought I should point out a few reasons why.

A lot of customers come in for a basic bucket to replace their completely ineffectual local hat and that’s great. I will always offer them something with a little more face protection and comfort however and this fits nicely so many seize the opportunity.


Still an open face but 3/4 so the side pods coming down the jaw line combined with the recess fit across your forehead offer a lot more face protection. It has the tinted inner lens too so unless it’s raining or your stuck behind that dusty truck you can ride with great wind flow and maintain direct eye protection from bugs and stones with the full clear shield up. It’s vented so some airflow over your head also. The liner is removable and washable so keeping it fresh is a big plus in this climate.

This is ECE 22.05 rated but not all units show this. At commute speeds here I am confident it is an effective helmet and very good value at 1.4M VND $60 USD.


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