Cao Bang - Mong Cai

Distance: 340 kms

Everywhere we go there is a morning market of some kind. Cao Bang market on the Song Bang river is one of the best in the country. The morning walk around it and along the river is very entertaining. Ironically the other market to rival this is in Ca Mau at the polar opposite end of the country.

This ride looks pretty ordinary on the map compared to the tight stuff we’ve been doing but is in reality very sweeping and perfect on the bigger bikes.

Once on the border road the minority people are easy to spot and interesting in their unique native clothing.

You’ll be literally following the border fence with a view to a very sparsely populated area of China.

(D) is this great border landmark well hidden for a photo with your trusty steed.

I don’t fly my drone near the border but this elevated area on the border track shows the fence and the cut in’s through the bush to build it on the Vietnam side. Not hard to work out who is keeping who out!

It’s a big day but you’ll make good time early. The border run later is slow going so very early start or break it into two days.

(E) is a war museum. If you drop (D & E) you can go straight to Mong Cai and run the border track tomorrow on your way to Ha Long

(F) A hotel I’ve used a few times well located but plenty of choice in accommodation options.

(G) The main border crossing. This shot was taken during Covid. Very different now with the border open. The Chinese investment is obvious, clean and modern.

Also this one during the Covid closures but still found a few interesting places open for a beer all be it a bit deserted.

Full route maps, accommodation and food information (excluded from the above itinerary) will come with all our touring rental bikes.

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