Sorrento Club - Dalat

Distance: 250 kms

A big breakfast before you leave is a good plan and Rachel, Ty and her kitchen staff at Sorrento do it well. Otherwise only basic Vietnamese offerings on this route so I tend to load up and skip lunch other than some fruit maybe or a protein bar along the way.

The morning coastal ride North is exceptional. Some great photo opportunities including

(A) Vinh Hy, a quaint fishing village in a protected bay. The road surface is generally consistent but have seen a few over the years get it wrong on this stretch presumably taking in the views rather than concentrating on the job.

(B) Is one of a number of photo opportunities around the headland. Use these off parking bays. They are well located and in recent years tourist buses are getting off the A1 to spoil their passengers along here also but with the same lack of road etiquette. Hard to stop though once you’re into the flow particularly on a big bike. The best 50km of coast ride in the country.

There’s some flat transit time to the mountains including an unavoidable stretch on the A1. For the first few km’s when you turn onto the A1 take it easy. Always police on your side. That in the mirrors and an excellent climb up the range. Historically pretty rough but a few years back all new hotmix so now very rewarding.

(C) another great photo stop at the top of the range looking back over the switchbacks and with Cam Ranh in the distance a nice backdrop.

Once off the range a nice valley ride following the River. Only local traffic on this but quite narrow in places so care on blind corners. Plenty of swim opportunities and if like me a you carry a pack good fishing also.

(D) on the map is a nice waterfall for an afternoon cool off if you’re up for it but a bit of a trek in. In hot weather the river option for a swim is my preference.

Once you turn right onto the main road its game on again and the more horsepower the better as you climb up the range. Was, when first laid perfect hotmix but heavy transport has knocked it around over the last few years so some gravel etc to be mindful of. At the top of that climb

(E) you’ll see some ladies selling fruit and drinks on the left. It’s a great photo stop with great views over the climb just travelled.

The fun doesn’t end there with another climb to the plateau which is Dalat though generally busier traffic wise so caution with that.

(F) takes you past the lake on the way to your chosen accommodation. Good spot for a group photo.

(G) one of my preferred hotels especially if with a lady. Period furniture, a wooden elevator and old BMW’S and Volkswagons in the courtyard. Well located a short walk to the night market or Down Under Bar for great Aussie Pub Grub.

Full route maps, accommodation and food information (excluded from the above itinerary) will come with all our touring rental bikes.

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