Mui Ne - Vung Tau

Distance: 320 kms

There’s the option to follow the coast for a shorter day but if you want a great ride day this is the best option. Don’t be put off by the distance. It’s all easy going but you will want quite a few photo stops so an early start is recommended.

Again care around your speed getting out of town but I’ve mapped around where they usually sit.
Watch for cattle as you head back toward the mountains. Some roadworks are nearly complete on the link road to the lakes area and otherwise pretty good. Again livestock, mostly goats on that stretch but a great and unique area to ride. Very dry and quite impoverished.

(A) will get you out around the usual police haunts generally.

(B) the first of the two Dam Walls can cut 35k’s off the day if short on time. It’s an awesome 35k’s though and in fact the run past the turn off up the other side of the lake is worth it too. My favourite stretch on a big bike in the South.

(C) the second dam wall. Good lunch spot opposite the turnoff to it.

(D) on the map is a memorial cross in memory of the 18 Australian and 245 Vietnamese soldiers killed In the August 1966 Battle of Long Tan.

Full route maps, accommodation and food information (excluded from the above itinerary) will come with all our touring rental bikes.

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