Sorrento Club - Mui Ne

Distance: 180 kms

Trust me on this. If you don’t party too hard with Rachel and Ty at the bar the night before the dawn here is a nice experience. Not a swimming beach so much but two great pools for that. A good beach walk and on low tide the locals out digging for shellfish.

Breakfast on this ride is recommended starting at 7.30am. Ty’s usually around well before that though to get the coffee brewing. Only Vietnamese offerings through Phan Rang which I don’t map into this day and until you get to your destination really so I tend to go straight through for an early dinner.

The ride to Phan Rang is through a fish farming and salt mining area. Not too picturesque but interesting.

(A) the first of the salt farms but you’ll see more of them later.

This map bypasses Phan Rang City. You can go for a look and back out to join this but really not too much of interest. Don’t go in though and take the highway South.

(B) This area is stunning. The ride around the Cape is up there with the best coastal rides in Vietnam. Great road and beautiful views.

Use the dedicated bays for photography. They are well placed and safe. Be mindful of sand on corners and often goats and cattle on the road. With goats the herd is predictable but one separated if startled may cross your path to join his mates.

Through the salt mines off the cape be aware strong cross winds are usual so keep speed down there if so.

A short unavoidable stretch on the A1 as you pass the Power Station. We get off as soon as possible though back on the absolute coast road.

(C) is a pebbly, rugged coastline you might like to check out.

(D) a larger fishing village. Pretty much the last services are there.

(E) just to get you right on the beach. Can use that road all the way through if you have the time. You’ll find good isolated swim spots down there if you beat the wind.

(F) is some fun in the dunes. Hire a 4WD with a driver or take your own quad bike. Barter on price. They will get you if they can.

(G) is just to take you through the township to your night stop.

(H) You might like to check out the Fairy Stream. I haven’t been there for a while but they had Ostrich rides there years ago which were fun.

As far as a coastal village goes Mui Ne is left a bit wanting. The beach road is developed on the beach side unlike most others leaving very little beach access. Some good accommodation options are attached but a beach resort if the beach is what you’re after.

Full route maps, accommodation and food information (excluded from the above itinerary) will come with all our touring rental bikes.

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