Vung Tau - Binon Park

Distance: 160 kms

An early ferry or VIP bus to Vung Tau from Saigon and this could be a day of two great Vung Tau loops for the weekend. Always got bikes by appointment ready to go there and so much more rewarding than battling out of and back into the city.

A morning and afternoon map today, around 85 km each. To detail the most interesting route there are far too many pins required to do it in one. Both are quite different showing the diversity through this farmland region.

(A & B) keep you on the coast

(C) is a memorial cross in memory of the 18 Australian and 245 Vietnamese soldiers killed In the August 1966 Battle of Long Tan.

Some lake areas over the day and plenty of lush farmland also.

In the wet season delete (F) from this map if you aren’t on the right gear and comfortable in very slippery conditions through the rubber plantations. The best way though if you’re up for it.

The lunch lake has a great restaurant though it can be a long wait for meals. Large portions though so mindful of that when ordering. Get drinks on ice as soon as you get there. Besides years of attempting to educate them around refrigeration benefits, they still haven’t grasped it 🙄

The afternoon map takes you into a more open country. The speeds are a little higher so time wise shorter also.

On the way back all map pins are simply to keep you on track within the desired time and distance range. So much to explore in this area though if you want to follow the map loosely if on an XR of similar.

(B) is a great little run on the hard top up a mountain. Continue further past the water stop and on to dirt then plenty of trails to explore if on the right bike. You can spend plenty of time playing up there.

Again, the rest of the map pins are just getting you the best way in.

Full route maps, accommodation and food information (excluded from the above itinerary) will come with all our touring rental bikes.

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