Tam Coc - Pu Luong

Distance: 170 kms

Tam Coc Garden is perfectly located to enjoy the dawn with a morning walk or ride. The walk out the back has a cemetery and some beautiful mountains perfect to throw a drone up. The dawn over the rice fields pretty special.

(A) If opting for a short ride, out to the main road but turn left rather than into town and you’ll come to a dead end where there’s a temple and a coffee lady.

Another great drone flight up over the mountains behind the temple and along the ranges back toward town.

(B) gets you on the best run out and starting point of the best Caves tour in the area.

The morning ride is a pleasant one following the Hoang Long and Boi River systems to Uncle Ho’s Road. Shortly after crossing provinces you turn right and follow the River to this awesome Waterfall.

(C) Across from the entrance is this lady who will look after your bike, organize beers and cook lunch while you’re having a swim. Ask for running chicken, hubby goes off, catches it and its barbecued by the time you get back. Tougher than normal chicken but delicious and local to the mountain country.

Can change into your swimmers there and make sure you do. There is something about this particular waterfall that just feels different to others.

(D) is another great lunch option before the afternoon ride. Beautiful through the mountains as you start to realise you are getting more remote.

(E) another great swim spot but both recommended night options have awesome pools so easy to miss this one.

(F & G) are my two favourites of many over the years. More on that in accommodation options.

One of the really great areas in the country and this day for me day one of three absolute beauties. If you have time to stay some great loops in the area also. Sunrise even with low cloud is still okay from Gurties perspective.

Full route maps, accommodation and food information (excluded from the above itinerary) will come with all our touring rental bikes.

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